Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lorraine Ellison - Stay With Me

Happy New Years Eve.  I just  spent some time reading entries on a blog "So Many Records So Little Time" and was just drooling over his stories about records he scored at radio stations in the 60's. He had a post about being involved with the band X and had an unreleased test pressing with a picture sleeve. I always liked X and what a fantastic item that is [yes X is a band that should grace my other blog and does not fit here]. It's seems to be that we record fanatics salivate at our finds and can remember every detail of how we found that obscure record..."I was looking through a box mint Mitch Miller in shrink wrap, a polka, and Andy Williams and was just about to quit when BAM...that Mint in shrink Meet The Beatles LP was there", or "I walked into the Salvation Army and first thing I saw across the room was the Velvet Underground LP with the Banana still attached. I thought, oh please be at least playable and I pull the lp out and it is stone Mint." May your 2015 be full of fantastic finds such as these.
I thought I would post this fantastic soulful *song. I also always loved Terry Reid's version and if you check out the Terry Reid section of my blog you will find his copy.

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