Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Miles Davis - Blue Xmas

Three Christmas related posts left for 2014. Record Store Day and Black Friday Record Store day have become in my opinion the best and worst of days. It's the best because of all the cool music that is released or re-released but it's the worst because it's (1) limited and has become fodder for exuberant prices by people who don't give a crap about music thus making it difficult for the person [such as me] to obtain it reasonably; (2) high priced- $10-$14 for a 45 when normally they are $5 bucks, or $35 for an LP. Tonight's 45 is from the recent Black Friday Record store day. I waited in the cold for about 45 minutes and this was one of the items I wanted. It was long gone by the time it was my turn to go peruse the RSD releases. Luckily, my friend in Maryland was able to get a copy for me. From what I can tell from a quick internet search, the songs on this 45 are a rarity in that Miles Davis had only a handful of songs that had a singer on them.
I've enjoyed Miles Davis for years and always buy his albums when I find them. I even found a few weeks ago one of his 45's on the Prestige label with the picture sleeve [. I consulted a renowned expert on pictures sleeves and he had never seen a MD Prestige picture sleeve and we both pretty much are concluding it is an import PS for a domestic 45- still pretty cool]

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