Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 fur thursday

Thursday Night Mish Mash is a twofur! I mean why does Tuesday have to be the only day there is a twofur? So tonight, I present a couple of from the Flaming Lips. I've been a Flips fan since 1989 or so. I've seen them in concert several times, met them once and even wrote them a letter which they responded to. Of course that was all before they had hit albums and played lettermen. I've been listening a lot to their new LP "Embryonic" as well as to the MP3 only remake of the Dark Side of The Moon LP with Henry Rollins and White Dwarf. First up is Mr. Ambulance Driver off of "At War With The Mystics"...I've seen several Ambulances today with lights flashing, sirens blaring it so fits for me.

Flaming Lips- Mr. Ambulance Driver

2nd is "Convinced Of The Hex" off "Embryonic"

Flaming Lips- "Convinced Of The Hex"

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