Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ok Rod, you'll have to wait a little longer for the CD's!

Well here is my 3rd stab at this. I have played around with this concept of I Am the Noize In Your Head for about 4 years but I'm not "blog" savy so I let it slide. I'm trying it again. I'm not any more savy just grayer.

I'm not sure of which direction this monster will go but let's see shall we. I thought I would write about music I add to my collection. May even dig into my archives for things to write about if nothing new comes in.  Maybe add some pictures if I can figure that out. Will try to post a song each week.  Maybe more....guess that will come with experience.

Ok, let's take a stab at adding some music, shall we. So I was driving to work this morning and NPR was not cutting it for me. I plugged in a cd that I made for my friend Rodney in Denver. It made the drive bearable. I first heard of Amos Lee about 2 years ago and purchased his debut CD for my wife. It's been a staple around our household. I couldn't think of a more perfect song as a beginning for a music blog. Has a Van Morrison vibe to it...hmmmm, Van Morrison, that's a thought!


Amos Lee- Seen It All Before


The Bomber said...

Yes, difficult when blogger dont recieve feedback...believe me I know!

Welcome back Gregg!
Yes I ll do a post in my blog promoting this one? is that ok?

Great rips and info man, keep it up!

Pablo (from the garage)

Poppacool said...

Pablo. thanks for the comments. I did not see your comment until now. Please do promote it. I hope I have something to offer. There are so many excellent blogs out there