Friday, February 26, 2010

Groovin a los Rascals

Ok boys and girls, I think we are back on the groove train thanks to B Cook and his blog Diggin it!!! at

So I had to take my wife to Charlotte, NC (about 240 miles away) on Monday. It was a long cold rainy trip with the highlight being a handful of cool 45's I picked up in a junk shop. Stay tuned for those goodies in the near future. Anyway, I had this post all planned out to upload when I returned home but once home found out the songs were not playing for anyone but me. I think we have that licked finally! 

The Rascals are one of the artists that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame actually got right. Their brand of blued eyed soul was unrivaled. Over the past year I have been a fanatic fan picking up everything I can find: all of their albums, the rare US Italian/Spanish version "Groovin"; and all of their US stock Picture Sleeves (thanks goes to my friend Craig for finding me the "Groovin" Picture Sleeve which had eluded me").
I built up the blue eyed soul tag but here we are with a taste of their more psychedelic side. I plan to feature them again but for now enjoy the eastern laced "Sattva", 2nd to the last song on the album "Once Upon A Dream".

The Rascals - Sattva

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