Monday, April 26, 2010

The Astronauts 1960's Boulder Colorado Surf

Well I was not sure if this post would happen. Was having a bit of network card problems and lucked my way into a fix. Anyway, here is a pick up from last week. I have quite a bit of 45's from the Astronauts, who were a Boulder Colorado surf band. I used to have quite a bit of their lp's but unfortunately got rid of them when I moved to NC. This was their only US picture sleeve.

Astronauts - Hot Doggin

Astronauts - Every One But Me


charlespoet said...

Interestingly there are more songs than just those listed when you play them. My question is one of the songs Born In Chicago is this The Astronauts? The reason I ask is I cannot find any release of theirs that actually has this song included on it including the Rarities comp.

Poppacool said...

Born in Chicago is the Blue Beats. For some reason, Divishare at times seems to do a playlist from the mp3s I have uploaded even though I do not have it set up for a playlist. Frustrating!

charlespoet said...

Thank you!