Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wild Thing Old Lady 1969 Elektra

I had orientation for graduate school today so I did not have much time to work on this. Graduate school starts in mid May so I expect that my entries will be short from now on due to reading and studying and writing papers. But I plan on still uploading a song a day as it will be a nice diversion. Also for my sanity!

I've had this 45 for awhile but recently upgraded to a copy that had the picture sleeve. This is a funky little 45 from 1969 or so. I kinda like it even if the lyrics are cave man and not politically correct. But check out the hair/whigs on these dudes...far out man!

Wild Thing - Old Lady


revbilly said...

I saw these guys at The Wheaton Youth Center in Wheaton, Md. The same place I saw the fabulous Bob Brady.
I think Wayne Cochran sued these guys for some kind of copyright infringement.
They copied his hair, burt apparently decided against the platinum look.
As a band they were forgettable, one almost-ran group that KILLED was a group called Black Pearl.

Race Baker said...

Cave Man and Not Politically Correct is what makes great rock!

Unknown said...

The guitar player, Poncho, was my daddy.

Unknown said...

The guitar player, Poncho, was my daddy.