Friday, April 16, 2010

North Carolina Blue Eyed Soul: The Embers

Friday Soul brings us some North Carolina blue eyed soul beach music with the Embers, who are pretty much an institution here in this state. I picked this 45 and Picture sleeve on the JCP label up a few months ago. I am sad to say that I had lived in this state almost 10 years before I learned about the JCP label and that is only because I found a 45 in a thrift store. The JCP label was out of Raleigh and put out approximately 68 45's in the early to late 60's and since that 1st one I found I have searched the ends of the earth (well, locally that is) to find copies. I currently have 25 JCP's in my collection. Some have picture sleeves and one is autographed. I will be featuring more JCP's in the future. But for now, enjoy this tasty double morsel and shag baby shag.

The Embers - In My Lonely Room

The Embers - Good Good Lovin


The Bomber said...

this is old...and very very goooo-d!

thanks for this one matesy.


Poppacool said...

Glad you liked it. Stay tuned for more

Anonymous said...

good one, but the divshares play the same side twice.

Poppacool said...

I'll see if I can clean it up during the holidays