Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Night Popsike: Matthew Moore

A unHappy tax day to all! But I do have good news kiddies, my new turntable cartridge arrived today so I will be back in business this weekend. I've got a bunch of new stuff to listen to and hopefully will have time to tape some. But for now, I present you with a fantastic 45 from Matthew Moore (written by David Gates later of BREAD fame). Matthew was involved in some exciting music in the 60s and his version of Codyne on a 1965 White Whale 45 is a brilliant classic (I have a nice promo copy in my collection). According to the April 16, 1966 Billboard magazine, this wonderful single was purchased by Capitol records for release. He released a few Capitol 45's in late 66 or 67 then later was involved in an interesting band called THE MOON with David Marks who was an early member of the Beach Boys. The MOON put out 2 lp's on the Imperial label. I have a couple of 45's from them. I have included a youtube video of the Pirate.

Matthew Moore- Face In The Crowd

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