Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garnet Mimms 2 sided Soul

I'm always happy to see Wednesday soul night roll around. I mean, the last night we dipped into soul was Friday night and I've got to get my fix. Actually I've been listening to the mash of stuff I have all week long (don't you love setting the windows player to play never know what you will get....of course, having Garnet Mimms one minute and the Dead Boys the next does flip flop you around a bit!)

Garnet was one of those fellows that had a dynamic voice, recorded some amazing stuff then seemed to disappear. He never really became a big star. He recorded some in the 70's then left the business, probably around the time he became a born again Christian and began ministering to lost souls in prison. In 2008 he released a gospel album. I was happy to see a youtube video of one of tonight's offerings. I was disappointed there was no video of him singing "Cry Baby", the song he is most known for. This is a 45 that I picked up in the last couple of months. Topped out at #30 on the Billboard charts in 1966 I believe.

Garnet Mimms- I'll Take Good Care Of You

Garnet Mimms- Prove It To Me

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