Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Illusions I Know & Take My Heart 60s Columbia Records Garage

Columbia records put out some great 45s in the 60s that are not easy to locate. Here is one by the Illusions that has some great garage organ and pounding drums. This was a 45 I had been trying to find for quite awhile and I picked it up at an amazing garage sale in Durham, NC last year. My friend Jason and I were going to Danville, VA to a record store and saw an ad on Craiglist so we stopped by on our way out of town. This guy was moving and had tons of 60's garage 45s he was selling at extremely reasonable prices. I ended up not only spending a bunch of $ that day with my friend Jason, but I called the guy up and went back later in the week.

The Illusions- I Know

The Illusions- Take My Heart


Anonymous said...

hey this is Gavin ...give me my damned records back... especially the Modern Folk Quintet. How are you doing? Times were hard hurt to sell my beloved babies to strangers. Nice to find you.

Found a stock copy of this the other week in WV.... 50 cents unplayed

Poppacool said...

Hey Gavin, if I would have had more money I would have bought more as you my friend have great taste and had killer records! Hope West Virginia is treating you fine. Great find with the stock copy of the Illusions-that is illusive and for 50 cents...sounds like you are getting some good finds. Trust me, your beloved babies have a good home! Let me know if there is anything you are looking for. Would love to trade. I have a few doubles