Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Night garage: Clefs Of Lavender Hill

Earlier this week I had a bad day. Today was the opposite. I mean, who could have a bad day on National Record Store day! I set out with my want list and was able to get everything but the Joy Division box set and the Hold Steady LP. I picked up all the Sub Pop goodies, The Flaming Lips LP, the Neil Young reissue 45, the Rolling Stones 45, the Doors 45, the Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 45, the autographed Superchunk picture disc 45, the Pavement greatest hits LP and was able to score a copy of the Wilco 4 LP box set. I was also able to find a few other things like an XTC box set of 45s, a reissue Chris Bell 45 and was given the Bob Dylan Christmas 45 as a freebee. I don't even want to think about how much I spent. For tonight, I am sharing a nice upbeat garage song that I believe was on the Nuggets complilation. I have the original pressing as well as a copy that was later purchased and distributed by Date.

Clefs Of Lavender Hill- Stop! Get A Ticket


pfft said...

Great blog, great song (old fave)! Thanks for sharing your 45 collection!

Apparently there's a Clefs CD out now, collecting all their output (and more).

Poppacool said...

Your welcome. I'm having a blast doing this. I am starting graduate school in less than a month so I have planned out my next 3 months of posts. I have 1 other Clefs 45 on date and a friend has one I am planning on trading for. You never know, it may eventually end up here!