Saturday, March 06, 2010

60s RCA Garage Punkers

Something old RCA something new RCA. Actually, they both are old RCA garage 45's but one has been in my collection awhile and one was picked up on Friday.

First up is a great 60's garage punker from a group called Proof Of The Pudding. I've had this promo for some time. I could leave the "plug" side behind but not this "b" side. It scorches!

On Friday I picked up the 2nd 45, a 60's garage 45 from Jack E. Lee and the Squires with a song called "Love That Louie". Jack Ely (Jack E. Lee) was the original singer for the Kingsmen. They had the best known version of "Louie Louie". Jack did several take offs of the "Louie Louie" song, this being one of them. Guess no one wanted to hear anything new from the guy.

Proof Of The Pudding- Flying High

Jack E. Lee and the Squires - Love That Louie

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