Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bunky & Jake Uncle Henry's Basement

Here is a record show find. I was aware of Bunky & Jake as I had picked up their 2nd album L.A.M.E. (picture below) last year. I had no clue that a 45 had been released from it so imagine my surprise when I found this. As this was my favorite off the LP it felt like a no brainer of a pick-up. Jake was a previous member of the Magician's who put out some 45's (including the fantastic "Invitation To Cry") on the Columbia label. Bunky & Jake had one other Mercury label LP and then in 2004 put out a children's record.

Bunky & Jake - Uncle Henry's Basement

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reverend billy c. wirtz said...

Having been reading Hit Parader when this first came out I was ecstatic to see you post it here.
Jake had just come out of Jake and The Family Jewels and there was a big write up on the record as well as the title.
Please look again and notice that the "E" is actually an "F" and the first two letters stand for "Look Again."
Remember The Cave!!