Friday, March 19, 2010

Move & Groove - the real Gil Hamilton not the Johnny Thunder alias

Here is a nice find from last year. I don't know much about this singer. I guess this is his real name and he also recorded as "Johnny Thunder". He had a hit called "Loop De Loop". I did find a review of this single on the web from the Spotlight Singles of the Week Singles reviews in the Billboard magazine issue from December 15, 1962. The review stated "Here's a fine paring, which lead off with a wild rocker given an exciting reading and backed by solid combo support. Fine dance rhythm here. Flip is a listenable ballad, also done with class. Both have a good chance". What more is there to add!

Gil Hamilton - Move and Groove

Gil Hamilton - When Are You Coming Home


Lyn said...

Great to see this here!

Gil Hamilton also recorded the original version of The Exciters' "Tell Him", but his record was called "Tell Her" (1962).

"Move & Groove" later had an interesting history here in Australia. After being recorded in the US in '63 by Frankie Brunson as "Move Baby Move", it was then recorded (using that title) by Australian rock'n'roll legend Johnny O'Keefe who had a big Australian hit with it, also in '63. So the song is a well-known classic oldie down here. I write about it here:

Poppacool said...

Thanks for the info.I will have to search for that. One of the items on my want list is Johnny Thunders version of the Tommy James song I'm Alive.