Monday, March 15, 2010

Pat & the Californians Be Billy...... say what?

It was a pretty nice weekend here in Eastern North Carolina. I was able to get a little yard work done and put some grass seed down. I hope some of it grows...I'm tired of muddy dogs. But anyway, it is time to continue our weekly Monday Night Surf music exploration although I'm not sure if this 45 meets the "surf" criteria. It's got some nice guitar and unintelligent lyrics. I believe this is from 1964.I'm not sure which is the "A" side but I like "Be Billy" the best. I've included a youtube link to the song "Bad" which is on the one side. I picked this nice promo up last year in a box of goodies....oh how I love those kind of days!

Pat and the Californians - Be Billy


Anonymous said...

This was the A-Side, but the B-Side instrumental "Bad" became a hit in Pittsburgh, PA.

Poppacool said...

Cool, thanks for the trivia

Billy said...

I remember walking on the beach by the Pavilion at Myrtle Beach with "Bad" being played in the "Magic Attic." I was from Pittsburgh and we used to always play Bad at our parties, as loud as we could get it. We always thought "Be Billy" was the B side. The year was 1966.