Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gary Zekley, The Group

Picked this one up in January. Legendary songwriter and producer Gary Zekley co-wrote both sides and produced it as well. It is quite possible this was just a studio group and he is singing. He later had it redone by the Yellow Balloon (of which he was a member). This 45 oozes with that Zekley vibe and when I listen to it all I can think is that he was listening to a lot of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys Pet Sounds! It's terrible when there is little information out there on the web on Gary Zekley. It appears he's deceased but I did not have time to dig further. But enjoy a couple slices of heaven.

The Group- Baby, Baby It's You

The Group - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love


Peña Getafense Escocia said...

LOVE that first one. The chorus is like early Brian Wilson meets early Motown. Thanks for posting.

Poppacool said...

Glad you liked it. It is a wonderful 45!