Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soul Wednesday: Scotty Williams I've Got To Find Her

I close out the month with a find from last Saturday. I went to a place that I hit about monthly and it appeared that they had the same 45's as my previous visit. Grabbed a handful and was about to give up when this beauty from 1967 popped up. It was definitely not in the box last month. I decided to go through them all and found about a dozen other newbies that looked interesting. Guess I need to go through the boxes regardless if they appear to be the same from now on after this find! Now I had/have no idea who Scotty Williams is but I have some other Jubilee 45's that are pretty good so I took a chance. All I can say is that I wish I could sing like ole Scotty! I can't seem to stop playing the "b" side ("I've Got To Find Her") -what a killer killer song....."listen to me baby" !

Scotty Williams - I've Got To Find Her

Scotty Williams- In The Same Old Way

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