Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Edwin Starr Agent Double O Soul

When I started this blog, I had planned on hitting all areas of my collection. The first few posts included newer music as well as some indie punk style music. But as I do this I feel my preference for this blog is to not hit all cylinders of my collection but to stay within the bounds of obscure 60's and early 70's 45s of all genres. Maybe at some point I can I can have a sister blog(s) that explores my indie roots as well as album tracks. I have been able to spend more time on this than I thought I would be able. But if I get accepted into graduate school this summer as I plan, then I see myself having less time to do this and obviously little or no time for a sister blog(s). But for the time being, let's enjoy what we have and be blessed in the time to do it.

I've enjoyed researching the 45s I put up but again I find myself pressed for time. Suffice it to say, Edwin Starr is probably best known for his song "War". But the 45 for your listening pleasure tonight I believe is his first solo 45 in 1965. And what a killer start to a career. He died in 2003.

Edwin Starr- Agent Double O Soul

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