Monday, March 01, 2010

Class of 69

It was late April 1975 and we had just moved from Granby Colorado, which is in the mountains to Penrose Colorado which is, shall we say, in a more arid place. It was like night and day. The same could be said about the music I was listening to. Up to that point, my ten year old ears were accustomed to the country western music that my parents and grandparents liked such as Charlie Pride, Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins. Or on road trips we would listen to a radio station out of Denver that played pop standards from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. The rock and roll my dad had was limited to an Elvis LP, a Jan and Dean LP and a fake Beatles LP. I really had no clue what Rock And Roll was. So on that late April 1975 morning, I boarded the school bus for the very first time to hear real honest to goodness rock and roll. "Hey Mom, why don't we listen to rock and roll?" An obsession was be continued.....

I'm in the mood for nice beach warm water-toes in the sand, sound of the surf. Since it's too darn cold for that, we can at least get our ears in the mood. I'm not even sure that this qualifies as surf music but who cares. Song is called 69 from the Arondies. They were from Pittsburgh, PA and this song was released in the summer of 65 and it is a pure classic. 1st picture is of what I believe is a 2nd pressing on Sherry titled "The Class of 69". It was re-titled to avoid controversy in the original title of 69. 2nd picture is of a red vinyl copy on Astra. I believe this is a later reissue but can find no reference of a release on red vinyl. Original copies on the Astra label came on black, yellow, or green vinyl. I first picked up the red vinyl copy a few years back and stumbled on the Sherry 45 about 6 months ago.

Arondies - 69

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