Thursday, March 04, 2010

Buzzer Shot for the Win

I have found a nice problem while deciding what to share out of my collection. Other blogs have uploaded items that I have in my collection that I was going to share. Just check out Chas Kit and his amazing blog "The Garage Hangover"; or Dan Frank and his blog "Dan's Garage of Obscure Sixties Gems". I will do my best not to duplicate their fine efforts.
I like moody garage music. Actually, I like all garage music but I really get into songs like this. Picked this up over the past year and have been unable to find any reference to this on the web. I will buy 45's based on if the label looks interesting and I felt real confident about this one. I put the "A" side on the turntable and was just disgusted. It was awful! With my confidence in the toilet, I decided to take a quick challenge of the "B" side. Can you say "three pointer at the buzzer for the win!"

The Destinations - Let Me Down Easy

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