Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sabres and Lee Fields

Pt II.. I would listen to my little transistor radio every chance I could. During the day my friends and I would listen to a radio station out of Pueblo Colorado that played all the current top 40 songs. At night, I had a clock radio and I could get a station out of Oklahoma City that played oldies. Anytime my parents took us anywhere, I could sometimes coax my mom or dad into turning it to the top 40 station. When we went to my grandparents house I would walk around with the transistor radio and find that just right position so I could get reception.

I loved the current hits of the day but I felt cheated. Cheated out of all the music from the late 60's and early 70s. I wanted to hear it all! I became enamored with top 40 charts, how many hits a group had, etc. I do not keep up with current record charts any longer as (a) I don't feel "Top 100 charts" mean anything anymore (b) I don't listen to songs that are played on the radio (but I will admit that the excel spreadsheet I developed to keep track of my collection has a column for "chart position".) I did not have many records at age 10. That would change thanks to one person in my life that collected records and had a deep love for be continued.....

I have not had much time to search for records but last week was a good week for finding records. I picked up some 45's on Monday of which I am sharing The Sabres 45 "You Must Believe Me". On Saturday, I met a friend who gave me a box of about 200 45's. It was a mixture of stuff. I've pulled out what I want and will pass along the rest to another friend. Out of that box I am sharing this prime Lee Fields cut "I Don't Have To Worry No More." I've also included a link to a Lee Fields video "Let's talk about it" on Youtube. I've had that 45 in my collection for some time.

The Sabres - You Must Believe Me

Lee Fields - I Don't Have To Worry No More

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