Sunday, May 14, 2017

Screaming Trees- Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue

I've had the opportunity to watch some music documentaries over the past weekend on Amazon and I've enjoyed everyone one of them- one on the Residents, one on The Knack, one on Sun Ra. Highly recommended!
It seems like there are quite a bit classic reunions going on. I read Dream Syndicate will be putting out a new LP, The Feelies put one out in February. The Chills had a RSD 45, the Afghan Whigs have a new one on Sub Pop [recommended]. Scott Miller & Game Theory will have a Posthumous release  soon [my pre-ordered copy should arrive in a few months thank you very much].   So it's tie for the  Screaming Trees, time to get on the band wagon. Of course I doubt that will ultimately happen, but we can always ask. I remember when I first picked up this classic [double black vinyl] right when it was released. What a front cover. And the songs were killer. I later picked up a copies on white vinyl and then of course the nearly impossible to find red vinyl [rumored to be band copies and limited to 60 copies]. Of course I'm not in the band but I did luck into a copy. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Sub Pop Sunday

Friday, May 12, 2017

Hank Ballard - Butter Your Popcorn

A little Friday Funk for us. A fine Hank Ballard song courtesy of Mr. James Brown