Sunday, September 27, 2015

Johnny Cash Loading Coal

There is just not enough time. I have had plans to play with this blog but too many things in the fire. For instance, I went to the Yo La Tengo concert in Durham last night which of course is a drive so I was unable to upload anything.. I had a good time but I wish they would have played a little longer. There were some songs I wanted them to play. I was glad Dave Schramm was with them and he is such an amazing guitar player. If you have never heard his band The Schramms you must buy buy buy tehm all...can probably pick them up cheap as nobody ever bought them- well I did but poor ole Dave didn't make any money off me. Here is a 45 found in the radio station find- can't believe this is my first Johnny Cash upload

Friday, September 11, 2015

Johnny Zamot - Johnny's Boogaloo

I had a pretty darn good calm non stressful day at work. On the way home I bounced around and listened to a little bit of everything. On one of the stations they were playing "Superstar" from the Carpenters. I forgot what a good song that was [check out Sonic Youth's version]. It brought back a good memory that I had not thought of in years. I was in elementary school [4th grade] and our school had a P.A. system and they would choose two kids to play music over the P.A. I remember how damn excited I was to be chosen once. So the day I was to play music I was paired up with a girl who was a year older..cute little thing with freckles that I was smitten with. So we had a stack of albums and the only one I remember was "The Singles" and I remember it because of the brown cover and the song "Superstar". I remember looking at her and thinking of the words "Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby. You Said You'd be coming back this way oh baby. baby baby baby baby oh baby, I love you, I really do". Ah, young love

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Sam & Dave - Soul Sister, Brown Sugar

Time to mix it up a bit and get funky. And yes, this is from the Radio Station find.
To all new to my blog or to the long time followers, Let me know if there are any old posts you want to have re-posted due to the Divishare issue.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Jan Berry - Tinsel Town

A Jan Berry post accident solo 45 from 1974. It was destined to go nowhere but it shows he still had that Jan & Dean magic in him.  Look at the unique "artist" title of 1 Jan 1. I picked this up from Matt in Maryland...thanks Matt!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Buck Owens - Down On The Corner Of Love

I burned up the highway with a quick road trip to Florida this week to deal with family - left Wednesday and returned Friday. I still managed to make a few pit stops for a brief "stretch the legs look for records" but it was pathetic pickings. But I really don't need anything else right now considering I am still going through the boxes of 45's I bought. Tonight's offering is another from the Radio Station find. There are more country 45's in the bunch than I would like but this IS one that I like. Early Buck [1956] but this is a reissue from 1960 I believe