Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Young Rascals - I'm So Happy Now

I have not uploaded the Rascals in quite a few years. Scans of stock and promo labels. This was the b side to How Can I Be Sure

Thursday, September 26, 2019

12" Single Spotlight- The Church- Destination

I was looking back to see if I had uploaded any Church items. I found I had listed their 1st US 45. Upon reading that post, I found I was going through some adversity but I have to admit, I don't remember what adversity that is. I think it could have been my father's failing health but to be honest, I just don't remember. It also showed me that we bounce back from adversity. I have had periods of great adversity and stress over the last year but I have maintained my sanity through prayer, exercise, and self care. I am in a very good place but that does not mean that there weren't days where I was so stressed my mind was just scattered.I took time out to engage in mindfulness activities. The mind is going to wander, it's going to go the worst possible scenario and that is so irrational but also so human. think this rant/observation started just because I wanted to see if I had uploaded anything from a group.
So back to the Church. This was the 1st 12"single off Starfish, the breakthrough LP from the Church. I remember the 1st time I heard that LP. KTCL in Ft Collins Colorado would play a new LP one night a week at 10pm. I was listening the night this was played. I loved it. I bought it and later on that summer drove to Denver to see them live. Phenomenal song! This started me down the path of buying just about everything I could get my hands on. This won't be the only 12" Church spotlight

Monday, September 23, 2019

Eddie Floyd - Big Bird

The Feelies did the trick Saturday night as Colorado beat Arizona State. I was a happy, but an extremely tired man. They have a bye week this week so the Feelies have a 2 week reprieve...
Here is a soul classic I searched high and low for and finally ran across a copy in February when I was in Florida. Yep, I am a bit slow with my uploads

Saturday, September 21, 2019

12" Inch Single Spotlight- The Feelies- Dancing Barefoot

I was up early to go to a yard sale after a guy emailed me he would have about 400 45s for 30 bucks. He picked them up from some people who had them in storage and they were from a juke box distributor I drove an hour, bought them and he is going to get another 1,000 or so maybe I have a good contact. I did some yard/house  work and then picked through them this afternoon. He was off on his count...i figure there were closer to 900 45s but man o man what a weird mix...lots of disco, soul, some country and obscure rock.I boxed about 100 of the disco for my friend in Maryland and will surprise him with them next week.
So I am testing fate with my upload tonight. The Buffaloes play Arizona State tonight at 10pm Eastern time. That is a drag which means I won't go to bed until after 1am. I uploaded the Feelies 2 weeks ago and they won. I did not upload them last week and they lost. So I am going all Feelies mode with a cool Patti Smith Cover Version...we need this win. By the way, Dancing Barefoot is credited to Glen Mercer on the I'm starting to drag a bit...I knew I should have taken a nap today but wanted to dig through the find.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Basil Swift and the Seegrams- Farmer's Daughter

I seem to be on a roll lately with my posts. I thought I would jump back to the sixties tonight for a sweet little Beach Boy cover song. I've searched for years for this one and found it at The Love Garden in Lawrence Kansas in June when we were driving to Colorado.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Mark Mulcahy - Taking Baby Steps

The Colorado Buffaloes played Air Force on Saturday. The previous week I posted the Feelies 12" single and they had a huge comeback and won. I was going to post the Feelies again this weekend (superstitious?) but I did not and they lost. Sorry Buffs, guess it was my fault, lol....
I've been posting more modern releases lately. The 12" spotlight has gotten my juices flowing, as have some of the newer items. This was released this year and I bought it directly from the label in a limited edition of 300. Same label as the Billy Childish release. Mark Mulcahy was in Miracle Legion and I am a huge Miracle Legion/Mark Mulcahy fan. Miracle Legion will eventually find it's place in this blog's 12" single spotlight.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Billy Childish- By The Way of Love and Hate

I think the Feelies did the trick on Saturday. Colorado roared back and beat those pesky Nebraska Huskers...Go Buffs. Maybe I will reserve the Feelies for gameday. A little superstition and luck
Tonight, I'm going to share some Billy Childish. I have loved Billy's music since I discovered him during his Sub Pop heyday. I've got my share of his albums and 45's but let's face it...there is way too much to collect. I did previously upload one of his Thee Headcoats releases. This is the newest Billy Childish release I have picked up in some time. I discovered Formosa Punk, a label out of Japan and saw they had released this.  I bought this directly from the label and paid a little extra for the limited green vinyl copy (only 25 made) that came with an autographed post card. The geeky collector in me says, "way cool".

Saturday, September 07, 2019

12" Single Spotlight - Feelies - Paint It Black / Raised Eyebrows

12" single spotlight. Spent sometime recording some more 12"singles. I am sitting here watching the Buffs against Nebraska and they are behind. Offensively, Colorado seems a bit confused. So, pushing forth good vibes I thought I would upload Paint It Black by the Feelies. I've been a huge fan of the Feelies going back to 1986 and have all of their Promo 12" singles. My wife and I saw them a few years ago at Cats Cradle but unfortunately we were on vacation last year when they were here so we missed them. A&M reissued their 1st LP Crazy Rhythms and this promotional issue was released to promote it. I sure would like to have words with the DJ and his black marker at KRCX that desecrated this release. But I was happy to only pay 1.99 for it back in the day. As a bonus, I am uploading Raised Eyebrows (my favorite). More Feelies 12" single uploads to come.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Jay Reatard - Always Wanting More

Made it through Dorian with just some yard flooding, minor leave/tree debris. We were lucky the path stayed off shore but we sure had some heavy rain last night. Not sure what the wind gusts were but at times the trees sure were swaying. I have the day off due to the storm so maybe I will record some more tunes for the ole blog.
Here is another recent acquisition. A friend sent me a MP3 years ago of the Jay Reatard singles LP. I loved it. I have wanted the 45s off that lp but just have never taken time to track them down until I picked this one. They seem to be reasonably priced so maybe I will try to get them all. Sadly, Jay died not long after I received the MP3's. Drugs are not glamours kids!

Thursday, September 05, 2019

The Criminal$ - The Boys Are Back

It's hurricane season again. I think I have been through 15-20 Hurricanes since I moved here in 1994. The number of Hurricanes that downgraded to a tropical storm and then hit the state probably doubles that number. Dorian is expecting to skirt the state tonight and we are in the zone for 4-10" of rain and winds up to 60+. And the damn things seem to always hit at night when you can't see jack. Today's post is from a cool 45 I picked up earlier this summer. The guy I bought it from was reaaaalllllll slow in sending it and to compensate he added a few extras...way cool. Sylvain Sylvain formed this band after the demise of the New York Dolls. Sadly, Sylvain has recently announced he has cancer. Pray your treatments are successful.

Monday, September 02, 2019

Counts Four - Listen To Me (JCP)

I've picked up some cool things lately with tonight's being the cool beans find of the year. I had the 45 for this the Picture Sleeve has been on my want list for years. I was out and about on Saturday with a friend and we hit this yard sale and this guy had a suitcase full of 45's in the garage. I see them and as I am going toward them, the guy is showing his wife a 45 and says, "Remember this one." He turns and puts it back in the suitcase and it's this one! I quickly pounce and buy them all without looking at them. There were a few other gems including an Embers picture sleeve. Every Counts Four sleeve I have ever seen has had these glue stains.