Sunday, January 31, 2021

The New Goldenaires- You Can't Hide From GOD

 I spent some time this afternoon recording songs to my computer. One thing is for sure...I have a wide range of taste...eclectic as hell...oops...should not swear but specially on a Sunday.  Tonight is a 45 from a Kinston Label. I was fortunate enough this past summer to meet James, the last surviving member of this band. He had been searching for a copy of this and picked up my extra copy. All copies of this I have seen have been well worn....and you know why....because it is KILLER witha Kapital K

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Twice As Much Band - Crystal Coast

I am not a big fan of Shag music and I definitely can't dance But every once in awhile I hear something shag that catches my fancy. I have no clue who this band is or if they released anything else but it swings and grows on me more and more when I listen to it. Mega Sound Studios was located in Bailey NC and that is not too far from me and my guess is this was released in the 80's but that is just a guess. There were no listing for this band/song on discogs so I entered this one into their database and now someone has a G+ copy for 20 bucks. Have no clue if it is hard to find but I think it is a keeper

Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Unknowns- All Over The World

Phil Spector died this week with fairly little notice that I could see. While he was a musical genius, and I am a fan of the Spector's hard to celebrate a man and heap praise on him due to the flaws he had...actually flaws do not accurate describe his issues and depravity. But do you penalize the artists that recorded for him....I think not. The Ronettes should be celebrated..I updated the link to this Ronettes song I posted in 2011

Tonight I thought I would upload a nice cover version. The original of this was an album cut by the Youngbloods. The Youngbloods had some catchy songs and I do not believe they issued this as a 45..glad for this obscurity